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Miami Beach is an island just a few miles east of Miami and can be reached by a number of causeways and bridges. Yet, since many of the best labs and rental houses are in Miami Beach, few people shooting and staying there ever need to leave the beach. South Beach (or SoBe) refers to the southern tip of Miami Beach (basically below 23rd Street) and is just another name for the Art Deco District.

In the early 1990s, Miami Beach became the 'Fashion Catalog Capitol of the World' because photographers discovered that by using long telephoto lenses wide open, it was easy to capture images of beautiful models with out-of-focus backgrounds of other photographers shooting images of beautiful models with out-of-focus backgrounds...

The upside of all of this was an influx of labs and equipment rental houses. On the downside, all the locations that used to let you shoot for free will now remind you that the movie crew of 100 that trampled their place paid them $5000 for 20 hours. So now the price to shoot in front of their hotel for 20 minutes is, of course, $5000...


Virtually every municipality in South Florida has it's own film office and if you pull a permit for Miami Beach, it won't do you a bit of good in Miami and vice-a-versa. To further confuse things, if you're shooting on a public beach in Key Biscayne, you need a Miami Dade County permit but the rest of the island requires a permit from the Village of Key Biscayne. The good news is that they're figured out that this confuses everyone, so you can now apply for permits countywide at and let the film offices sort it out and get back to you.

The other good news is that all of the offices are fairly helpful and will do their best to refer you to the office you need. You'll need to carry $1,000,000 liability insurance to pull a permit from any of them. If you don't have insurance, you can also have a production company handle this for you, but expect to pay $250-$350 for EACH permit that they pull.

The City of Miami requires an additional $100 sidewalk permit if you are on a public sidewalk, but they'll usually waive this for a small 2-3 person crew. If you're shooting on private property, most municipalities don't require a permit and if you have a small crew. But if you're Cecil B, DeMilling it up and have a huge crew that includes art directors and clients, you'll definitely want to go through the trouble, so that you don't look like a jerk if you get shut down.

Finally, this should be obvious, but once you get a permit, READ it. There are many restrictions. Among them, you'll need to hire an off-duty cop for a minimum of 4-hours if you plan to stop traffic. And with very few exceptions, a photography permit doesn't specifically give you the right to drive your rental SUV over topless sunbathers sleeping on the beach.

Miami-Dade County 305 375-3288/FAX 305 375-3266, 111 NW First St #2510, Miami, FL 33128 Contact: Jasmine or Cindy

City of Miami Beach 305 673-7070/FAX 305 673-7063, 1700 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach 33139 Contact: Graham Winnick or Silvia Royer

City of Miami 305 860-3823/FAX 305 859-2128, 2700 S Bayshore Drive, Miami 33133 Contacts: Daniel Davila, Katherine Sanoja, Robert Parente - Director

City of Coral Gables 305 460-5262, Contact: Bridget (Open from 7:30-Noon)

Village of Key Biscayne 305 365-5511 , 85 W McIntire St, Key Biscayne

City of Ft Lauderdale 954 468-1513/FAX 954 847-3454 Contact: Susan Crane

Florida Keys Film Office 305 294-2587, 410 Wall St., Key West FL 33304



Mike Hamel 305.632.3546
Alexander Espriella 305-970-6284/305-807-0299


Miami assistants are generally quite experienced and familiar with most camera formats and brands of equipment. Many have worked in New York or with many of the big name shooters who come to town. Even so there is a huge range of experience from those who have been doing this for decades to some that are fresh out of school. Just be sure they're familiar with your needs and equipment.

Abdel Lafi 954 946-7725/Pager 954 690-0108
Alex Larson 305 725-4092
Alex De Laet 305 672-4283, 917 523-3697 cell
Alfredo Fernandez 305 829-2159, pager 305 452-1252
Benjamin Cento 305 255-0894 , Pager: 800 980-0232,
Brad Youngberg 954 295-6637
Craig Miller: Cel 305 772-5152/Pager 800 915 3177
David Friske 305 446-8169, Pager 305 465-3852
Francisco Castillo 786 269-7500
Francisco Gonzalez 822-3320/Cel 992-5359
Guillermo Erb 305 947-8536/Cell 305 502-3977
Jaoquin Rivas 786 412-1047
Jim Weber 305 981-0019, 800-982-3110/305 502-7506
Jim Wenger 954 370-7179/Pager: 800 778-0184
Jonathan Dann 917 453-1746
JP Cunningham 305 761-6011
Michael Pawlowski 305 588-4676
Orlando Behar 305 773-9434
Orlando Noah 305 695 8415/Cel 305 613-0309
Raul F. Rubiera Pager 305 464-0290/Cell 305 609-8666

Additional Referrals are available through:
ASMP/Florida website:
Big Toe Productions 800 471-6394 Jamie McEntee


Color House
: 305 531-1980, 3324 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33127:
B&W, C-41, E-6 lines, Digital Scanning & LightJet Printing. Open 7 days a week and until 10pm on weekdays. These guys are the best lab in town and so good that as many labs have shut down, they've bucked the trend to open Color House New York on Lafayette in NYC. Owner/Manager: David

Premiere Vue: 305 673-2436, 1860 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 E-6 Only Contact: Daniel Fortier

District Lab: 305 672-1002, 1825 West Ave #3, Miami Beach C-41 only & Digital only

Darkroom Productions: 305 532-2185, 378 NE 56 Street Miami 33137 Best B&W printing in Miami. Contact: Randy Mitchell

Color House: 305 531-1980, 701 4th Street, Miami Beach
District Lab: 305 672-1002, 1825 West Ave #3, Miami Beach
DNA: 954 966-1109 Ft. Lauderdale



Aperture Professional Supply 305 673-4327, 1330 18th St (between Bay and West Ave) Miami Beach - Also Studio Rental

Splashlight Miami 305.672.9669, 555 Jefferson Ave, Miami Beach Also Studio Rental


Carousel Studio 305 576-3686, 3700 NE 1st Court, 33137 Contact: Tommy - Also Studio Rental

One Source Studios 305 751-2556, 6440 NE 4th Ct, Miami 33138 Contact: Andrew Dillon - Also Studio Rental

Pitman Photo - 800-252-3008/305 256-9558, 13911 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33156 - Pro Films Stock house

World Wide Photo 305 756-1744, 5040 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Phone - Pro Films - also rents Profoto, Speedotron & Norman strobes and other pro equipment and cameras (35mm to 8x10) Contact Derik

World Wide Photo 305-262-2733, 7380 S.W. 40th St., Miami, FL. 33155 Contact: Alex


Stage Equipment & Lighting 305 891-2010/fax 305 893-2828, 12250 N.E. 13th Court, North Miami Beach FL 33161 - Contact Steve Grieco - Sells grip consumables & rents C-stands, Lowel - Arri Lighting Kits and HMI Packages, service, etc.



Big Time Productions/Paris Theater, 550 Washington Ave, Miami Beach 305 672-5117. Annie, Bruce and Walter wouldn't be caught dead shooting anywhere else, but beware, they're known to charge for EVERYTHING including extension cords, coffee makers and rumor has it that they even count the sheets of toilet paper. They definitely will charge overtime if you're not completely out the door one-minute past six. That said, it's a beautiful space with one enormous indoor and 4 rooftop studios located inside a renovated art deco movie theater. Contact: Juan

Splashlight Miami - Wynwood Art District, 167 NE 26th Street, Miami, FL 33137
305 572 0094
- Full line of rentals, cameras, lenses, strobes, etc.


One Source Studios - 6440 NE 4th Ct, Miami 305 751-2556 Great high-end studio with two stages include one with large 2-story cyc and great make-up and hair area and kitchen. Catering available. Contact: Andrew Dillon

Carousel Studio 3700 NE 1st Court, 33137 Phone: 305 576-3686 FAX: 305 576-0883 Large Drive-in Studio 31' x 25' full cyc 3 sides & ceiling, also smaller budget-priced studio. Also sells film - rents lighting & grip gear. - Strobe repair on site by the Flash Doctor for studio rental information Contact: Tommy

Aperture Professional Supply - 385 NE 59th St, Miami, FL 33137 305-759-4327 Also rents everything for a shoot

Studio 27, 27 NE 27th St, Miami 305 573-3311 - In the Winwood Gallery District (downtown area) 20'x 50' - bay doors. Contact: Louis Jay

Glasshaus Studios - 8000 Biscayne Blvd, Miami - Features 26ft windows facing East and North, a 30x28 corner cyc, 3000 sq ft pool deck, 8000 sq ft roof, Contact: Judd Allison - Picture Perfect 305 379-9954

Splashlight Miami - 26th Street Studio, 167 NE 26th St, Miami, 305 672-9669 Full line of rentals, cameras, lenses, strobes, etc.

Ciel Bleu Studios
- 5781 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 10 Penthouse, Miami 305 758-8543

Edgewater Studios - 1920s Victorian House & Courtyard, NY Daylight Loft, 15x12 outdoor syc on wheels Contact: Alvaro 305 573-3311

El Habito, 91 NE 36 St, Miami 305 572-0961


Great Southern Studios - 15221 NE 21 Ave., North Miami Beach 305 944-2464 - Large Production Sound studio (50x60), Small studio (30x30x30) - sells expendables in the grip store on site - contact: Elana

Studio 12345, 12345 West Dixie Hwy, North 305 893-9495 Contact: Debra or Paul



ACT Productions 305 538-3810, 1220 Collins
First Option Productions 305 532-7243/ 786 269-3700 Aki Kanaya
Foto Finish RV 305 652-9774, 820 NE 182 Terrace - Bob
MAPS 532-7880, 232 Fifth St
Metromotion 531-1700, 1550 Lennox Ave
Picture Perfect Productions 305 379-9954, 8000 Biscayne Blvd
Star Movers 305 893-7744 , 12100 NE 16th Ave 33161
Star Stuff 305 895-2003, 12100 NE 16th Ave 33161


Sarah Leon 954-566-4760
Monica Olman Fashion & Prop Stylist 305 895-2505
Rebecca Martin Photo Styling - 305 538-5251/Pager: 305-862-2530
Joanne Gelberg Justiz - 305 884-4961 - Location Scout and wardrobe
Sally Jacobs Styling & Production 305-868-4313/800-401-4313 5222 N. Bay Rd. Miami Beach


Teddy Gunter - Fashion Stylist 305 672-2012/cel 398-3973/757-6650. Teddy also runs Atomic Funk 305 318-3973 which supplies assistants to fashion stylists and rents wardrobe.

Julie Chang

Gail Bruns Producer 305 666 2928 (location vans, permits, assistants)
Big Toe Productions 800 471-6394 Jamie McEntee - Assistants, locations

* Also contact any of the Talent Agencies listed below, most have a list of Stylists, Producers and Make-up artists available, depending on your needs.

Steven Kelly 305 673-4996
Jesus Abreu (Agency: Next 305 531-5100)

Many of the modeling agencies that follow also represent make-up artists

Ellie Stern 305 598-8200, cell 786 623 333


Non Stop Prop Shop & Wardrobe Rental 305 895-2505,
1455 NE 129th Street, Miami: Props, styling Contact: Monica

Stone Age Antiques 305 633-5114, 3236 S River Drive, Miami

Propmasters 305 826-1900, 9940 NW 79th Ave - Paul

Rosewood Caterers 305 885-6674 - 1000 E 16 St, Hialeah


Comet Delivery Services 305 591-2262, 7902 NW 66th St, Miami
Sureshot Messenger 305 858-9922
ASAP Courier 305 947-7477
Sunshine State Messenger 305 944-6363


FedEx World Service Center - 200 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130 - Latest Dropoff: 8:00pm (5:00 pm Sat.)

USA Pack & Post - FedEx Authorized Ship Center - 1348 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FL, 33139 - latest drop off: 5:30pm (11:00am Sat.)

FedEx World Service Center - 14101 SW 119th Ave, Miami FL, 33186 - latest drop off: 7:00 pm (5:00pm Sat.)


Local weather fluctuates between Hot & Humid and Humid & Hot, but for more accurate information, please check: